The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy

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A Manual For Learning, Using, Mastering And Enjoying The International Morse Code As A Means Of Communication

William G. Pierpont N0HFF

"What Hath God Wrought!"

"For those who are interested in telegraphy, for those who would like to learn it, for those who love it, and for those who want to improve their skills in it."

The art and skill of telegraphy is unique. The psychologists who have seriously studied those who have developed this skill have been fascinated and challenged to try to understand it. Isn't the very idea of being able to communicate your thoughts to another by means of intermittent tones something intriguing in itself?

Second Revised Edition © N0HFF 1997

Adapted for the World Wide Web by Ronald G. Bellamy VE6SIR and presented here with kind permission of William Pierpont. I thank Bill Pierpont N0HFF for his support in allowing TASRT to publish "The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy" on its web site. I thank Jon Oates GM0VIY for his initial conversion to the web of "The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy". I also thank Jim Farrior W4FOK for his preparation and distribution of the text files with his Morse practice program "The Mill".

TASRT colaborated with Bill Pierpont N0HFF in the publishing of the "The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy-Third Revised Edition". To obtain a PDF Version, in one of several languages, follow this link.


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The Art &Skill of Radio-Telegraphy-Second Revised Edition-
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